A very good place to start...

EVJ Creative was started in 2017 by Emily Jones, in Melbourne, Australia. Emily has a Master of Communication (with Distinction) from RMIT University, Melbourne.

After working in varied corporate roles where the responsibility for communications tasks was shared across multiple positions or absorbed into the workload of someone with related skills, Emily was inspired by the potential for EVJ Creative. 

Through EVJ Creative, Emily hopes to assist other small businesses and organisations that may not be able to invest in a full-time communications role but who respect the need for high quality content and strategy. Emily has a passion for languages and literacy and strongly believes that accurate and appropriate communications (both, written and digital) are crucial to a brand or business' reputation.

The important bits...

EVJ Creative operates based on four values:

Community | Respect | Creativity | Kindness

These values are reflected ​through everything we do; the services we provide, the people we work with, the way that we function.

Community is everything.

Community is a feeling, it is a relationship, it is a trust.

It is a sense of belonging, an understanding, and a mutual respect and appreciation.

Respect is critical.

Respect is for everything; for time, for skill, for value, for ideas, for opinions. 

Creativity is my bread and butter.

Creativity is freedom, it's inspiration, it's opportunity. 

Kindness is non-negotiable.

Be kind, always.